LCP DHS Plate 135˚, Barrel Length 38 mm

The DHS is indicated for the following fractures of the proximal femur
Intertrochanteric fractures
Subtrochanteric fractures*
Basilar neck fractures
The DHS is indicated for stable fractures, and unstable
 fractures in which a stable medial buttress can be
 reconstructed. The DHS provides controlled collapse
 and compression of fracture fragments. This results
 in stable fixation and prevents undue stress concentration
 on the implant
* For certain subtrochanteric fracture, a 950 device
 (such as DCS) is the implant of choice
موارد استفاده
The DHS is not to be used in cases where there is a
high incidence of
Malignant primary or metastatic tumors
Material sensitivity
Compromised vascularity
Recommendations DHS
LCP DHS: for the use of shorter plates, especially in the
case of femoral neck fractures
For certain subtrochanteric fractures, a 950 DCS plate is
Trochanter Stabilizing Plate (TSP)
Unstable pertrochanteric fractures especially multifragmentary fractures with a
separated or longitudinally split greater trochanter

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تهران -خیابان خلیج فارس-روبروی بیمارستان فیاض بخش
نبش کوچه شهید هادی مودب-ساختمان کامیاب-پلاک 133
طبقه 4-واحد16
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